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Henderson Police Department 200 Breckenridge Street Henderson, North Carolina 27536, Tel. 252.438.4141

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The Henderson Police Department is An Internationally Accredited Law Enforcement Agency


Internal Affairs

The Division is responsible for investigating allegations of misconduct involving any member of the Police Department. The Division staff trains supervisors on personnel investigations and disciplinary issues. The Internal Affairs investigative process is meant to provide a thorough and fair review of misconduct allegations

All allegations of misconduct are thoroughly and objectively investigated to maintain integrity within the organization and the trust and confidence of the community we serve.

Employees of the Henderson Police Department are carefully selected individuals that serve with pride and professionalism. However, as in any agency, deviations from ideal performance occur. Allegations of misconduct against Department personnel are investigated thoroughly and objectively, and appropriate action taken.


Every citizen has the right to make a complaint against any employee of the Police Department. The complaint may be made to any supervisor. A complaint may be made in person, by telephone, by mail or by email. Complaints may also be made anonymously. Complaint forms are available upon request from any Department supervisor.

Once a complaint in received, the following procedure is followed:

1. The complaint is forwarded to the Internal Affairs Unit where it is given a file number and assigned for investigation.
2. The person filing the complaint will be sent a letter acknowledging the Department has received the complaint.
3. Upon completion of the investigation, the case will be forwarded to the Chief of Police for final disposition and/or appropriate action.
4. After the Police Department completes it's review of the case, the complainant will be sent another letter advising that the complaint has been completed and closed.
A complainant will not be told the level of discipline or the outcome of any investigation due to the Personnel Privacy Act.

The dispositions of the complaints are classified as follows:

Not Sustained

200 Breckenridge Street
Henderson, NC 27536
tel: 252-438-4141