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Henderson Police Department 200 Breckenridge Street Henderson, North Carolina 27536, Tel. 252.438.4141

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The Henderson Police Department is An Internationally Accredited Law Enforcement Agency


The Henderson Police Department's SRT was established in 2003.  Every position assigned to SRT is a collateral duty assignment and there are no full time SRT positions. Tactical activations for the SRT are primarily for high-risk warrant service operations. Most of the warrant service requests come from the Special Operations Division Narcotics Unit as well as the Investigations Unit.

The goal of SRT  is to resolve critical incidents with a high degree of tactical precision and professionalism. The SRT  works hard to resolve highly complex and dynamic situations.

Before being chosen as SRT Operator, candidates undergo a highly competitive selection process.

If selected, new team operators are sent to a specialized training. Operators are provided with training in high risk warrant service, hostage rescue, barricaded suspect extraction, and other high risk situations. Once this training has been successfully completed, members are assigned a variety of weapons and receive additional training on an ongoing basis. Members maintain high levels of fitness, practice tactical response to high-risk incidents, and to sharpen skills in handling weapons. The SRT also performs monthly in-service training.

Special Response Team (SRT)